<strong>Karl Agne</strong>
Karl AgnePrincipal
Karl Agne is a founding partner at GBAO with a quarter century of experience providing strategic planning, communications, and research services to a wide range of non-profit organizations, small and large businesses, and candidates for elected office.
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<strong>Michael Bocian</strong>
Michael BocianPrincipal
Michael Bocian is a founding partner of GBAO and serves as pollster and strategist for gubernatorial, senatorial, congressional, state legislative, mayoral, and ballot initiative campaigns, as well as for several issue advocacy groups and membership associations.
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<strong>Jim Gerstein</strong>
Jim GersteinPrincipal
Jim Gerstein is a founding partner of GBAO, and provides research-based strategic counsel for candidates running for office, non-profit organizations, arts and cultural institutions, and Fortune 500 companies.
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<strong>Margie Omero</strong>
Margie OmeroPrincipal
Margie Omero is a principal at GBAO with over twenty years of research experience working with Democratic candidates, progressive causes, and corporations. She is also the creator and co-host of a top-rated podcast The Pollsters.
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<strong>Mark Feierstein</strong>
Mark FeiersteinSenior Adviser
Mark Feierstein, Senior Adviser at GBAO, joined from the Obama Administration where he served for six years in various roles. Mark serves as pollster and strategist for political parties and candidates overseas, private sector companies and non-government organizations.
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<strong>Nisha Jain</strong>
Nisha JainVice President
Nisha Jain is a Vice President at GBAO with over a decade of experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative research for Democratic candidates, progressive causes, advocacy groups, and Fortune 500 companies.
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<strong>Meg Marchand</strong>
Meg MarchandVice President
Meg Marchand is a Vice President at GBAO and has a wide-range of experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research for Democratic campaigns, issue advocacy organizations, labor unions, and cultural institutions.
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<strong>Michelle Mayorga</strong>
Michelle MayorgaVice President
Michelle Mayorga is a Vice President at GBAO and has spent nearly two decades recruiting for, managing, and working on Democratic campaigns, progressive issues, and in local and national administrations.
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<strong>Jason McGrath</strong>
Jason McGrathVice President
Jason McGrath, Vice President at GBAO, specializes in providing polling and strategic advice to Democratic candidates and progressive organizations. He has helped elect leaders at all levels of government from city councils to Governors’ mansions and the U.S. Senate.
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<strong>Brian Shreffler</strong>
Brian ShrefflerVice President
Brian Shreffler is Vice President at GBAO, providing polling and strategic advice to political campaigns, issue advocacy organizations, corporations. He has conducted surveys and focus groups in over 20 states, and has advised a broad range of candidates and elected officials from the federal down to the county level.
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<strong>Tim Jensen</strong>
Tim JensenSenior Data Specialist
Tim Jensen launched the data processing operation in 2012 and now leads the firm’s team of data specialists. He has been processing quantitative data for over 20 years, making him one of the most experienced in the field.
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<strong>Jason Lunser</strong>
Jason LunserData Specialist
Jason Lunser joined GBAO in 2017 as a Data Specialist. With over a decade of experience in the political research field, he is especially well versed in examining hard-to-reach populations.
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<strong>Amanda Hoey</strong>
Amanda HoeySenior Associate
Amanda Hoey is a Senior Associate at GBAO, where she handles all facets of research and data analytics, from questionnaire development to survey methodology and analysis. She has polled on tax reform, health care, and reproductive rights, and she specializes in state legislative polling.
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<strong>Jerel Williams</strong>
Jerel WilliamsSenior Associate
Jerel Williams is a Senior Associate at GBAO, where he focuses on issues of social justice and examining racial attitudes. He also handles much of the firm’s multivariate analysis.
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<strong>Kalindi Winfield</strong>
Kalindi WinfieldSenior Associate
Kalindi Winfield is a Senior Associate at GBAO with experience in political strategy, crisis communications and community-driven campaigns. She has managed public opinion surveys and focus groups for political campaigns, advocacy groups, non-profits and corporations in the US and around the world.
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<strong>Amanda Earl</strong>
Amanda EarlAssociate
Amanda Earl is an Associate at GBAO, where she oversees survey administration, analyzes geographic and demographic voting trends, produces client presentations, and manages focus group recruitment and logistics.
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<strong>Brian Grossman</strong>
Brian GrossmanAssociate
Brian Grossman is an Associate at GBAO, where he oversees survey administration, analyzes voter trends, and organizes focus groups for Democratic candidates and international clients.
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<strong>James Jelin</strong>
James JelinAssociate
James Jelin is an Associate at GBAO, where he organizes focus groups, moderates online qualitative boards, and helps conduct surveys for U.S. Senate, Congressional, Governor, and ballot initiative campaigns across the country.
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<strong>Laura Thorsett</strong>
Laura ThorsettResearch Assistant
Laura Thorsett is a Research Assistant at GBAO, where she works on survey research, literature reviews, client presentations, and focus groups.
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