Whether you are a candidate for public office, a company launching a new brand campaign, a cultural institution looking to expand your audience, or an organization looking to further your progressive agenda, accurate and hard data is critical to your success. Each client’s needs differ and that is why we offer the full range of polling services, from traditional telephone surveys to online surveys, and in-depth analysis to help you succeed.


Traditional surveys conducted by phone continue to be the backbone of quality public opinion research. As more and more households switch from traditional landlines to cellphones, GBAO has remained on top of this changing environment to keep your results accurate.

  • Our team can meet your full range of survey research needs, from benchmark surveys designed to provide you with a strategic roadmap, to up-to-the-minute tracking surveys to assess changes in the heat of a campaign.
  • We chart a path to victory by not only assessing what public opinion is now, but by looking forward. We use a variety of techniques to simulate how a campaign might develop and identify the most effective messages, strategies, and targeting to address any eventuality.
  • Our polling makes extensive use of cell phone interviewing. Today, it is impossible to accurately measure virtually any audience without conducting a significant portion of interviews via cell phone. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach to this issue either, rather we study each audience to gauge the necessary level of cell phone interviews needed.


Online surveys have become more and more important over the last several years. While they remain limited in their ability to provide a representative measure of many broad populations, they have important uses that should not be overlooked or minimized. Online surveys also provide more flexibility for exposing respondents to creative concepts and can sometimes offer significant cost savings over traditional surveys. We use online surveys to:

  • Poll hard-to-reach audiences that are cost prohibitive through telephone surveys.
  • Conduct multi-modal polling using a combination of cell phones and online surveys to reach audiences that are largely unreachable on landlines, such as people in their teens and twenties.
  • Poll members of organizations that are able to provide email addresses for the vast majority of members.


Campaigns often spend the bulk of their resources on advertising, so it makes sense to test the ads before airing them. Online ad testing enables us to measure the effectiveness of advertisements, using experiments that show us not only how the audience thinks they feel about an ad, but also the unconscious impacts of advertising. We have conducted online ad tests both in the U.S. and internationally. Online ad testing allows us to show potential ads to a larger group of people so we can measure differences among a wide range of audiences. We can ask detailed questions with open-ended responses, allowing for important nuances to come through in how people react. By using the latest technology in media testing, GBAO will help you ensure your message will have real impact.

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