Mark Feierstein, Senior Adviser at GBAO, serves as pollster and strategist for political parties and candidates overseas, private sector companies, and non-government organizations. Feierstein has honed his political skills over a 35-year career in Washington, working in senior positions in government and the private sector.

In addition to conducting public opinion research, Feierstein is able to provide GBAO clients with a range of services. He also serves as a senior adviser at the Albright Stonebridge Group, the premier global strategic advisory and commercial diplomacy firm, and is a consultant to Major League Baseball.

Most recently, Feierstein served in the Biden Administration as principal advisor to the administrator at the U.S. Agency for International Development, where he fulfilled the role of acting deputy administrator, managing a range of USAID’s policy priorities and leading its engagement with other foreign policy agencies. He worked for six years in the Obama Administration, including two years as the President’s principal adviser on Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada. He also oversaw USAID programming in the Americas as assistant administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean, a Senate-confirmed position.