Brian Grossman is a Senior Associate at GBAO, where he oversees survey administration, analyzes voter trends, and organizes focus groups. Having started at GBAO as an intern, Brian also developed the firm’s training manual and assists with training for new GBAO employees and interns.

In 2020, Brian worked on the largest Latino political research project of the election cycle for Equis Research, where he conducted surveys and focus groups in several battleground states, analyzed movement in the year leading up to the election, and drafted strategic recommendations for candidates, progressive groups, and other allies on the Latino electorate.

Brian handles much of the firm’s international work, alongside GBAO’s Senior Advisor Mark Feierstein, studying foreign political parties and candidates for higher office. In that role, Brian works with in-country teams to understand cultural considerations and to ensure the integrity of the data collection. Additionally, he organizes international qualitative research, including travelling abroad to manage live-dial tests during political debates.

Grossman graduated from American University in Washington, D.C. with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. During his time in college, Brian served as president of his fraternity, and worked for four years in the School of Communication’s Media Production Center.