Our latest poll with Navigator Research finds Americans want a balanced Court, not a politically charged Supreme Court that may fall out of step with American values. Concerned about the fate of health care, many Americans worry protections for pre-existing conditions may be revoked.

Almost nine in ten (85%) Americans say it is important they know how the next Justice feels about abortion, with 57% saying they agree with the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision (24% disagree). However, most Americans do not feel abortion rights are truly in jeopardy. More believe it is likely that the Affordable Care Act will be overturned, which is seen as one of the most damaging potential outcomes among Democrats.

Americans also fear preference for corporate and special interests and a subsequent growth in their influence in politics. They see one of the most likely outcomes of the nomination being that “the wealthy and the powerful will have even more advantages in their ability to influence politics with campaign contributions.”

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