GBAO offers broad expertise in survey research and strategic consulting in corporate communications, branding strategy, international relations, and political campaigns at all levels of government. From Democratic candidates for office to socially conscious small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, labor unions and progressive ballot initiative campaigns to world famous cultural institutions, think tanks to advocacy groups and civic organizations, we delve deeply into our clients’ issues and audiences, conduct high-quality research, and develop winning game plans.

Always evolving our methods to keep up with ever changing technology, we are consistently at the forefront of research and strategy to help our clients succeed. We utilize cutting edge statistical modeling, extensive cell phone interviewing, online ad testing, online ballot language testing, and a range of qualitative research methodologies to find the answers to our clients’ toughest questions.  

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Public Opinion Research

Whether you are a candidate for public office, a company launching a new brand campaign, a cultural institution looking to expand your audience, or an organization looking to further your progressive agenda, accurate and hard data is critical to your success.  Each client’s needs differ and that is why we offer the full range of polling services, from traditional telephone surveys to online surveys, and in-depth analysis to help you succeed.

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Qualitative Research

Strategic public opinion research is predicated on listening to people. Focus groups are often an important beginning step in a comprehensive research program designed to fully understand the audience you are trying to reach by understanding what they believe and why they believe it.

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Strategic Planning & Communications

As circumstances and markets change, effective organizations must understand the impact on their fields and adapt in order to achieve their objectives.  GBAO applies our experience in research-based strategic development and non-profit management to help organizations separate signal from noise in order to identify and achieve their goals.  Most of our work is based on the public opinion research we conduct, but we also help clients implement winning strategies when they need extra help.

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